Friday, August 13, 2010

Lynn Woolsey - You Sly Dog

If you live in Sonoma or Marin county I am sure you recently received a nice little "constituent update" from Lynn Woolsey.

How convenient this close to an election she gets to blanket everyone house and home in her entire district with a propaganda mailing proclaiming just how much money she has been responsible for bringing into the area.

One of the items on the list was development money for SMART. Um, no ma-am but the bulk of SMARTs funding is paid for by the sales tax increase thanks to Marin and Sonoma counties measure Q passage back in 2008. Of course SMART is turning into a major boondoggle leaving taxpayers on the hook, but that is another topic altogether.

Naturally it doesn't tell you where any of the money came from or what the true cost, in terms of increased taxes and inflation, to procure this money is.

So there are two thoughts on what this update is about: Lynn cares a lot about the folks in Sonoma and Marin counties to let them know what is going on and how hard she is working for us or she actually feels threatened by Jim Judd in the upcoming election.

Now obviously since Lynn recently voted herself a pay raise (that was thankfully struck down by people who don't have there heads in the clouds) in spite of all the economic calamity going on, she doesn't really care about her constituents.

Now campaigning is one thing. Who wouldn't understand that, but since when do you get to do it with taxpayer funds?

Time for some quick back of the envelope math.

A saturation mailing list for Marin and Sonoma counties comes out with 315,505 addresses. The last time I checked the saturation postal rate was 23 cents for a letter. That comes out to $72,566 just for postage for the update you just received, not including the cost of printing the flyer.

To add further insult there must be a dozen ways she could have disseminated that information to the public that would have cost a fraction of the amount or could have been free.

Perhaps the folks who actually care to hear you profer would read a blog or attend a town hall meeting?

The real rub is that this is paid with our tax dollars. So even if you don't support Woolsey you just involuntarily paid for her congressional campaign.

Lynn Woolsey, you are a sly dog.

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  1. A very expensive pat on the back. If only Ms. Woolsey would put that kind of effort into actually doing something. Ok.. I guess not. Perhaps retiring is tha only option.